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I'll see you in Cornwall some day soon. Love your work - great website. All the best, Peter Brown
Pete Brown (Pete the Street)

new website

the webmaster has the same talent than the artist ! well done
Tout est interressant et donne envie de voir cela de visu ,
l'atelier d'artiste ( Chygwins ??), le batisseur et ses realisations
and a lot more.
Keep going it's a real pleasure and really inspiring

Philippe Guys, Total UK

Your New Website

Very professional! Could that Robert Timbers be my brother? It sure does look like him, and I know he'd love that building project!
Bonnie Thiessen, Winnipeg, Canada

nouveau site

Beau travail pour ce nouveau site, très agréable, fluide. De mieux en mieux mister Tony
HAON Gérard, Locquenole, Brittany

Your visit

It was nice to meet you on THE WORLD. Your picture is in the suite 925. You should come and see the Tsutsumi family and your picture some day
Tsutsumi by Yamomoto, The World (Japan)

Your website

A magnificent collection of work by a very talented artist mainly recording the life and land/seascapes of a County I love. My best wishes for the future and your love of true fine art.
Gordon Maddock, Almeria, Spain