painting at La Rivolte, Grasse

painting at La Rivolte, Grasse
After a 30 year career as a police officer in London and then the South West I took up my hobby of painting full time, in 1994, initially with a small gallery in Penzance and then painting from my home in Tresowes, a small hamlet between Helston and Penzance.
I paint primarily in oil but also, occasionally, in watercolour and acrylic.
I have never received any formal training but over the years have observed at close hand many artists, particularly in the West of Cornwall and have been influenced by the work and teachings of such people as Ken Howard, David Curtis, Tom Coates, Peter Wileman and ,especially, Trevor Waugh who enabled me to move from painting things to painting light - from painting detail to painting in an impressionistic style.

Over the years I have exhibited both in Cornwall and Brittany, and on one occasion in 2005 in London aboard the residential cruise liner 'The World' (see BLOG)